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star wars

FIC: "Voice of Fear"

Posted by jlarissa on 2007.10.26 at 10:47
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Title: “Voice of Fear”
Category: Pre- KotOR I
Author/Artist: [info]jlarissa
Characters/Pairings: Malak,
Word count (for fics): 704
Genre: drama/angst
Comments: I know I’m not the only one who thinks that Malak with a jaw is less than intimidating.
Warnings: PG-13 for some vague yapping about sex with the Exile.




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Posted by eowynjedi on 2007.10.21 at 00:04
Get your entries in by Friday, October 27th.

Prompt: New
Alignment: Dark

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Week Revie + New Challenge-Prompt

Posted by eowynjedi on 2007.10.14 at 00:11

- Life Is A Software Glitch (Fic: T3-M4, LSF Revan) by jlarissa  
- Not Us (Fic: Malak, Revan) by eowynjedi  
- For Reasons Unknown (Fic: Carth, LSM Revan) by niki_chidon  

Also be sure to check out niki_chidon 's collection of fanworks here! They're good stuff.

Thanks, everyone!

Prompt: New
Alignment: Dark

Works are due by midnight on Friday, October 27th.


Fic: The Opposite of Forever

Posted by niki_chidon on 2007.10.12 at 23:36
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Title: The Opposite of Forever
Category: KotOR I&II
Author: Niki
Pairing: Revan/Carth
Word count: 5259
Genre: Angst. Romance. Slash. (Consider yourself warned.)
Rating: 13
Disclaimer: Not mine, none of it. George Lucas created the universe, BioWare the game, and the songs I quote are "For Reasons Unknown" by the Killers and Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra. For reasons unrelated.
Comments: This idea ambushed me one night, when listening to the Killers song. Then I got the new prompt and it seemed to fit the mood perfectly, so I started writing... and it just went on and on and on, and wouldn't stop. From bitterness to sap. Unpolished, ran out of time, sorry.
Summary: Admiral Onasi has a contained breakdown on the Anniversary of his wife's death, years after Revan left.

For Reasons UnknownCollapse )


Fic: Not Us

Posted by eowynjedi on 2007.10.12 at 15:28
Title: Not Us
Category: KOTOR
Author/Artist: eowynjedi
Characters/Pairings: Malak, Revan
Word count: 444
Genre: General, somewhat introspective
Comments: I think I'm going to do more on Malak and Revan's friendship. This was very interesting to write.
Warnings: None

They never even thought about it.Collapse )

star wars

FIC: Life is a software glitch

Posted by jlarissa on 2007.10.11 at 21:09
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Title: “Life is a software glitch”
Category: Post- KoTOR I
Author/Artist: [info]jlarissa
Characters/Pairings: T3
Word count (for fics): 668
Genre: general, driod angst, if possible
Comments: Busy doesn’t even begin to describe my life at the moment, but I would have gone nuts if I didn’t get this out of my head.
Warnings: Written in about a ½ hour and un-beta’d. The idea is great. The execution, not so much…



But if anyone had bothered to ask T3 (and they hadn't)...Collapse )


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Posted by eowynjedi on 2007.10.05 at 23:39
Get your entries in by Friday, October 12th, please.

(No, I did not forget to specify the due date in the original post. Absolutely not.)

Prompt: Never
Alignment: Grey

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Back, with changes!

Posted by eowynjedi on 2007.09.29 at 14:28
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So, I apologize for the long and impromptu hiatus. Moving into college and all of that stuff.

I have a few changes about how the challenges are set up. Since the major/minor chars thing didn't seem to work, we'll be doing dark, light, and grey challenges. So prompts will look like this from now on:

Prompt: New
Alignment: Dark

You can adapt the alignments in any way you want; you could do that prompt with LS or DS characters, but there must be something in there about the Dark Side. Same goes for Light Side, and Grey means something that is neither light nor dark, or encompasses both. There will also occasionally be an all alignment, which means you can do any of them that you want.


Prompt: Never
Alignment: Grey

As always, prompt or general suggestions are welcome in comments to this post.

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Review, Prompt, News

Posted by eowynjedi on 2007.08.11 at 20:07
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Please excuse my hideous lateness... again. ><

There's going to be a change in the deadline day, because I'm going off to college in September, which means my personal schedule (which currently consists of No Life + Writing) will be exploded like whoa. Since I have Fridays completely free from classes, that's going to be the update day from now on.

Now, on with the fanworks.


- Helping Him (Fic: OC Jedi, Atton Rand) by jlarissa 
- His Voice (Fic: LSF Revan, Carth Onasi) by niki_chidon 
- Nick of Time (Fic: Carth Onasi, Others) by eowynjedi 

Thanks for everyone who participated!

Prompt: Sunshine

(no real point in specifying characters; any you want)

The deadline for this challenge is midnight on Friday, August 24th, relative to your time zone.

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Fic: Nick of Time

Posted by eowynjedi on 2007.07.27 at 12:22
Current Music: "Ghost Love Score" - Nightwish
Title: Nick of Time
Category: KotOR
Author: eowynjedi
Characters: Carth Onasi and other party members
Word count: 1014
Genre: Action / Introspection
Rating: PG for mild swearing
Comments: I just got off Taris a few minutes ago, and I was thinking about when Canderous said "We'll pick up your friends and get out of here--" just what was going on back at the apartment while everything was exploding?

This was it.Collapse )

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