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star wars

FIC: Life is a software glitch

Posted by jlarissa on 2007.10.11 at 21:09
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Title: “Life is a software glitch”
Category: Post- KoTOR I
Author/Artist: [info]jlarissa
Characters/Pairings: T3
Word count (for fics): 668
Genre: general, driod angst, if possible
Comments: Busy doesn’t even begin to describe my life at the moment, but I would have gone nuts if I didn’t get this out of my head.
Warnings: Written in about a ½ hour and un-beta’d. The idea is great. The execution, not so much…




Her screams didn’t echo through the halls of the enclave as well as they did on the Ebon Hawk. Back then her cries of terror and pain would bounce from one barren surface to another until they eventually reverberated off of T3’s metallic shell and deep into his processing core.


Still, they were loud enough to make younglings run away in fear and her companions scurry from all corners to comfort her.


In that regard T3 wasn’t any different from his sentient companions- he would hurriedly roll to his master’s side and poke and coo at her until her haunted eyes opened, full of confusion and terror. He always got pushed aside by the sentients, but not before a sweaty palm rested on his cool outer shell. Perhaps they all cared for her, but if anyone had bothered to ask T3 (and they hadn’t), he was always there first because he was the only one who understood her.


In the little droid’s eyes, the trouble everyone else had relating to his master had to do with the fact that they all felt the need to assign vague mortal concerns to a fundamental software problem- the Jedi spoke in ominous tones about “force dreams” and feeling delayed sensory backlashes from the pain she caused others while a Sith lord. The hairy human his master chose to sleep with often whispered to others about his belief that the nightmares were caused by guilt. Others thought that perhaps she feared what would happen to her if one of her many enemies caught her and others still believed that such night terrors were normal after seeing the horrors of war for so long. Even that insane assassin droid had a theory that the master’s screams were actually of pleasure as she dreamed of mowing down her enemies en masse.


T3 didn’t begrudge his companions these theories if it made them feel better, but they were wrong. There was no higher power, dark or light,  or deep seeded emotional basis for the nightmares. She just received a mindwipe and fragments of corrupted data occasionally surfaced, causing a programming conflict between her former functions and her current operating system. The problem frequently arose in droids, which is why their minds were wiped so often. People just didn’t realize that it was a temporary solution- You could never completely erase all data from a hard drive and fragments of old data would eventually interfere with the new.


As far as he could tell, the human mind worked no differently, which is why his companions were fully functional, despite the programming quirks that developed with time, and his master could freeze at any moment, requiring a reboot of her system to recognize her current surroundings. Given the choice, he’d much rather develop the quirks and be functional at all times. If he was going to remain with his master and her penchant falling into for dangerous situations, it only made sense that one of them would be fully functional at all times…


…Which is why he would never let a sentient wipe his memory core…


“Really, T3, it’s basic maintenance. You must get it done. All droids do,” Bastila exasperatedly explained.


“It must be a software glitch, miss. Happens to droids who have gone too long without a wipe,” a mechanic offered.


He lightly zapped his shock stick at her feet and waived it around the encroaching mechanics. If the master hadn’t gone to all the trouble of rescuing her, T3 would have considered inflicting some serious damage to her, just as a warning to the others.  It wouldn’t have done him any good, there were just too many of them closing in.


“No,” a voice rang out above the confusion, “Not unless he wants one.”


“But Revan, surely you understand it is for his own good?” Bastila reasoned.


“No,” his master whispered, “No more memory wipes for anyone. Not now, not ever. Do you hear me? You will never touch this droid’s memory. Never.”





eowynjedi at 2007-10-12 01:48 (UTC) (Link)
Dang. I really like this--I love the way T3 puts it all in his own terms. Not to mention the detail about HK.

I don't think I've ever seen anything from T3's POV before--you've given me plotbunnies now. :P This is some awesome droid angst.
Ladle Woman
jlarissa at 2007-10-12 13:09 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! The more I think about the games (which may be way too often for my own good), the more I start to think the T3 is my favorite character, especially in II. I hope the bunnies multiply for you. :-)

niki_chidon at 2007-10-12 20:47 (UTC) (Link)
I've tried to do stuff from the droids' point of view and never quite succeed, so I applaud you for this even more because of that... :) Very neat idea, and I liked the execution too.
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