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star wars

FIC: "Voice of Fear"

Posted by jlarissa on 2007.10.26 at 10:47
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Title: “Voice of Fear”
Category: Pre- KotOR I
Author/Artist: [info]jlarissa
Characters/Pairings: Malak,
Word count (for fics): 704
Genre: drama/angst
Comments: I know I’m not the only one who thinks that Malak with a jaw is less than intimidating.
Warnings: PG-13 for some vague yapping about sex with the Exile.




Most people swear that they want people, especially friends, to be honest with them, but the truth has this funny way of invariably hurting someone. This common form of masochism leads to indignation and hurt towards the truth teller, even though he or she was acting as requested.


This point wasn’t lost on Malak when he demanded an explanation as to why Revan unilaterally decided to replace him as field general with a pretty little Jedi Knight, but it didn’t stop him from feeling resentful.


“Come on, Malak, you know the troops will follow her to the end of time. She has those intangible leadership qualities,” Revan laughed.


“And people wouldn’t follow me?” The question was more of an accusation.


“Not to their deaths, no,” Revan replied frankly, “You’ve always been the one to calm, not to inspire. Politicians respond well to your relaxing voice and gentle demeanor. Soldiers look for someone to forcefully lead them. If I put you in the field, they’d always be waiting for ‘Revan’ to lead them and would ignore the ‘and Malak’ part of the equation. I can’t be on the field, so you’re no good to me there. You are, however, an excellent voice for my plans with the higher brass.”


“And I suppose it doesn’t hurt that you want to screw the living daylights out of your new general and a fancy title will go a long way toward getting you into her pants.”


“See?” Revan explained coldly, “I can’t even take that insult seriously coming from you. There’s no force behind your words, no implied danger or threat. Your words should have meant that that I’m an arrogant ass who is endangering the Republic for the slight chance of getting laid, but what your fey demeanor conveyed is that, after the war is over, I will marry the general and gently make love to her on a bed of rose petals. No one fears you and, in war, you need that fear in order to gain respect. That is why you are not my field general.”


Although there was always the implication of a hierarchy between the two, Malak’s silent acceptance of his friend’s criticism was the beginning of the new relationship between them. He spent the next few years in Revan’s shadow, always gently persuading others to follow his master’s commands. But Revan was right- no one feared him. Malak was just an intermediary to the one they wanted to deal with. There was no glory, no respect, even as the supposed second in command of the Sith.


Years of playing a distant second fiddle to Revan made Malak a bottle of pent up frustration. Every attempt to assert his will garnered laughter. The only time people showed any fear of him was when he expressed Revan’s displeasure. He grew weary of invoking his master’s name just to make sure something got done in a timely manner, which was why he came to a radical solution.


“You’re sure you want to go through with this?” the surgeon asked. It was obvious that he thought Malak was out of his mind.


“You’re questioning my ability to do what is best for the Sith, doctor?”


“No, but it will be quite painful, my lord.”


“Do it.”


A drug induced fog surrounded Malak when he awoke. He tried to open his mouth in order to release the dull ache in his jaw, only to find himself unable to do so.


“How long have I been unconscious?” A menacing metallic voice growled from Malak’s throat, causing the surgeon to jump and take a step back.


“Th-three days, my lord. I think you will be most pleased with the results.”


Malak would have smiled if he were able. Gone was the gently curved jaw line that had an almost feminine quality to it and in its place was a massive metal plate. People would fear this face. No longer would he have to rely upon Revan’s name to get things done. In fact, with this new face of fear, there seemed to be very little need for Revan at all.


“Just you wait, old friend,” he laughed, “Soon everyone will be hailing Darth Malak, new Lord of the Sith.”



niki_chidon at 2007-10-27 20:08 (UTC) (Link)
Interesting theory...;) But I agree that he is quite a bit scarier (and angrier) without the jaw;)
Ladle Woman
jlarissa at 2007-10-29 21:25 (UTC) (Link)
Until the powers that be give me a real explanation, I'm sticking with the self mutilation theory. ;-)
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