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The Challenge

KOTOR Challenge is a weekly fandom challenge, somewhat like ff_love. Each Wednesday, a new prompt will be posted along with a character category. For example, a typical weekly challenge might look like this:

Prompt: Choices
Alignment: Light

Dark: Some element relating to the Dark Side.
Light: Some element relating to the Light Side.
Grey: Neither or both.
All: Your choice of Dark, Light, or Grey.

If you're not sure which one your subject is, write it and post it anyway.

The Rules

  1. Both fanart and fanfiction are acceptable.
  2. Challenge entries must be posted under an lj-cut.
  3. Entries that are not worksafe (i.e. sex or nudity) must be rated as such. This includes PG-13 stuff.
  4. AU things (male Exile, DS Revan) and crack pairings are fun and fine.
  5. Fic entries must be oneshots, at least for the challenge. (If you want to turn it into a sprawling saga afterwards, fine by us.)
  6. It must be an entirely new piece of art/fiction. No yanking chapters out of your old fiction.
  7. Entries must be posted before next Wednesday.
  8. Feel free to post as many works as you like per week. Or none at all, but we'd prefer you'd post.
  9. Feedback and concrit are good, but don't flame. Flaming helps nobody and only serves to make you look like a jerk.


Please use this format to post your entry:

Category: (KotOR, TSL, or Comics)
Word count (for fics): Word Counter
Genre: (action, slash, etc.)
Comments: (if any)

(LJ-cut to story)

External link to journal/other comm/FF.net, if any


If you'd like to be one, e-mail me at eowynjedi(at)netscape.net. It must either be a fandom challenge community or KOTOR-related. Or both.